Big Data Is Here

It’s not in the distant future; It’s not coming soon.  It’s here, right now.  And it’s in hearing aids!  The instruments I’m wearing right now are connected to my telephone, my telephone is connected to the internet and the internet is connected to the world.
Depending on how much or less I want to integrate these features, I can turn on or off lights, televisions, appliances, even remotely start my car through my hearing aids.  Oh, and I hear a new dimension of life that my old instruments did not provide.
In meetings I can hear the whole room.  If someone makes a comment and it’s within earshot of me, I can hear it clearly, even though there are many conversations going on at once.
I was concerned I’d hear too much.  I’m hearing everything I need to.  My brain tells me what is important and what I should ignore.  For me, it’s like I don’t have a hearing problem any longer.
Today we can provide you with a demonstration of true Brainhearing and you can see and hear for yourself what tremendous advances in BIG DATA processing hearing aids provide.


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