First Valentine's Day With Hearing Aids? Here's Some Advice

Take an excursion to your local department store or florist, and you will quickly find out that love and romance are in the air. Chocolate, roses, and other assorted goodies are ready to be gifted to your loved ones. Underneath the glow of red and pink hearts is the reality of the holiday. Valentine’s day is a particular time to reconnect with your significant other. Valentine’s day can be an ideal time to strengthen your communication skills.

How to Celebrate

Allow Valentine’s Day to remind you of the importance of communication. Share your feelings instead of struggling to hear or be heard. If the approaching holiday is your first Valentine’s Day with a hearing aid or if it is a new experience for your significant other, please wear your hearing aid with confidence. Here’s how to make the day unique:

  • If you use a hearing aid, make sure you wear it for Valentine’s Day. Yes, some people do not wear their prescription hearing aids because they feel the devices are unattractive. Just remember that your date is interested in spending time with you and probably does not care about the hearing aid. They will be happy to carry on a conversation without a struggle. Besides, they know you wear them.
  • Seek out quiet romantic spots. The crowded restaurant with the open-air kitchen is probably not your best option for Valentine’s Day. Even if it is the trendy place to be, a place with noise will make conversation difficult for you and your significant other if one or both of you is hearing impaired. Opt for a small out of the way place with little background noise. If you choose to stay home, your dining room is perfect for conversation.
  • Choose an appropriate activity for someone with a hearing loss. Try to view the event from your companion’s point of view and or let your date choose a place. Surprises are fun, but they may place your partner in an uncomfortable position.
  • Lose the crowd. Fewer people equals less background noise. Besides, the holiday is all about your significant other and not the masses.


Practical Gifts

If you want to purchase a useful gift for your loved one who is hearing impaired consider the following items for Valentine’s Day:

  • A free hearing aid cleaning
  • A two-month supply of batteries and tubing
  • A phone designed for the hard of hearing
  • A vibrating alarm clock

High-Tech Gifts

For those of us who love all of the latest technological gadgets, there are plenty to choose from for the hearing impaired. If you would like to purchase cutting-edge technology here are a few options for you:

  • A visual alert system
  • A television amplifying device
  • A captioned telephone

Creative Gifts

If your significant other is hard to please maybe it’s time to try something a little different. Change your routine up a little bit and consider these innovative ideas for your sweetheart:

  • Hearing aid fairy wings
  • Hearing aid secure cords
  • Donate in your loved one’s name to a hearing organization

Have fun for Valentine’s Day. No matter how you and your loved one decide to celebrate, don’t let a new set of hearing aids affect your good time. A bit of planning along with a special gift is sure to please the significant hearing aid wearer in your life. If you are now wearing hearing aids, put them on and wear them with confidence. Remember, your loved one sees you, not a small set of listening devices. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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