Hearing Aid Repair

Has something happened to your hearing aid, and it needs repair? Look no further!

We welcome any and all patients wearing all different types and brands of hearing aids. To protect clients from unexpected costs when hearing aids are damaged or the components fail, a hearing aid repair may be all that is necessary. Generally speaking, we can get these issues fixed with an array of tools and supplies conveniently located in our office.

However, if a repair is out of our scope of ability, we may send your hearing aids back to the manufacturer. In this event, we will strive to make the process a breeze. Per manufacturer warranty and repair processes, we will let you know exactly what to expect.

We want your hearing aid repair to happen as quick and efficient as possible!

Do you need a hearing aid repair?


Fullerton Hearing Center is privately owned and operated by Monica Fernandez. Along with the rest of the team, the office possesses a strong working relationship and passion for hearing care.

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