Family Help For A Family Issue

Family Help for a Family Issue   A recent article in Washington Post suggested a solution an aged-old problem.   Although hearing loss can occur at any age, it becomes more common as we get older.  In fact, the hearing of a typical 40-year old is already slightly poorer than the hearing of a typical… Continue reading Family Help For A Family Issue

Big Data Is Here

BIG DATA IS HERE It’s not in the distant future; It’s not coming soon.  It’s here, right now.  And it’s in hearing aids!  The instruments I’m wearing right now are connected to my telephone, my telephone is connected to the internet and the internet is connected to the world. Depending on how much or less… Continue reading Big Data Is Here

8 Surprising Culprits of Hearing Loss

Over 48 million Americans report some degree of hearing loss, and ample evidence continues to point at exposure to loud noise and aging as main causes. However, recent findings reveal that many lesser-known contributors appear to be playing silent roles as well.   Painkillers As the most frequently used medication in the country, knowing the… Continue reading 8 Surprising Culprits of Hearing Loss