Why People Quit Wearing Hearing Aids

When you think of hearing aids, what comes to mind? How they can help manage hearing loss, help people stay engaged and socially active, and prevent health concerns such as depression and cognitive decline or the stories you’ve heard about uncomfortable fit, stereotypes, sound quality, and similar frustrations?
Let’s be honest. Hearing aids are game-changers, but they can’t do the job alone. Millions of people who could benefit from wearing hearing aids choose not to. That is, they decide to sacrifice hearing and health, often for common fears and frustrations that can be overcome.
Here are the most common reasons people don’t or stop wearing these important devices:
They believe they don’t need them
Whether they’ve started experiencing the signs of hearing loss in everyday life or have been diagnosed with mild hearing loss, some people think that their hearing loss isn’t bad enough to require hearing aids. This could be out of fear or something else, but the truth is that any degree of hearing loss at any age should be treated.
They believe hearing aids are uncomfortable
It could have been an experience they heard about from a friend or family member or their own experience with a new pair of hearing aids, but some people choose not to wear hearing aids because of a comfort factor.

  • If you’re avoiding getting hearing aids because you’re afraid they’ll be uncomfortable, know that there are many hearing aid styles out there. A hearing healthcare provider can help you find the best style for you and will then work with you to fit and adjust the hearing aid, so it fits and works comfortably.
  • If you’ve purchased hearing aids and find that wearing them every day is uncomfortable, contact your hearing healthcare provider. It can take more than one fitting and adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit, and many providers are happy to work with you until it’s just right.

They believe in the stereotypes
It’s not uncommon for many people to avoid hearing aids because of what we think we look like to others. It seems to be human nature to fall into that self-conscious trap. The truth is that hearing loss affects people of all ages and all backgrounds. It is more common than ever. Hearing aids aren’t just for our grandparents anymore. If this worry is holding you back from wearing hearing aids, know that you aren’t alone in your hearing loss or hearing aids. There are also a wide variety of designs now available to help you find a pair that not only fits comfortably but also enables you to feel comfortable and confident in wearing them. Who knows, down the road, you may even start looking at hearing aid accessories now available.
They believed it would be an instant fix
There is no doubt that hearing aids are revolutionary little devices for those with hearing loss. They can help those with mild to moderate hearing loss hear more with the flick of a switch. Unfortunately, they can’t do it alone. Turning them on is only the first step. Hearing healthcare providers stress that it is a process to get used to using and hearing with hearing aids. Your provider may recommend specific listening exercises such as reading a book out loud or online hearing exercises to help you become more comfortable with your hearing aids in addition to wearing them all day every day. The extra work promises a big payoff when it comes to hearing.
Untreated hearing loss has now been linked to so many other serious health conditions, including depression, dementia, heart attack, and falls. Invest in your health and hearing by wearing hearing aids.
If you believe you have hearing loss, schedule a hearing evaluation with our office to learn more.


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